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We do not replenish new accounts.❌You are purchasing the service of replenishing your STEAM TL wallet. 💰
We do not exchange items or buy your items through the marketplace! (but we plan to start in the near future). ❌🔄🔜
This method is the best alternative on the market to the digital codes that STEAM no longer produces. 🌟💯The region of your account must be Türkiye. 🌍🇹🇷To top up your STEAM balance, you need:
1. Select the required balance amount
2. After payment, contact the seller via and provide a unique code.
3. Depending on the selected replenishment method, transfer data from your account or add as a friend.We have several ways to replenish your STEAM:

Instant options:

• We log into your account via a QR code (your login and password are not required) and top up your balance by purchasing a gift card from our bank card. 📲💳💰

• We log into your account using your details (LOGIN:PASSWORD) and buy a gift card using our bank card./attentiondeliveryattention🟨 Please do not close the payment page after completing the transaction. If any problems arise after the funds are written off, you can obtain detailed information about the purchase on the website and receive the purchased product. 💻💰/delivery/attentiondeliveryattention💡To prevent your account from being blocked and other restrictions, we recommend following the following RECOMMENDATIONS:

• Before adding funds, log out of your account.
• The region on your account must remain unchanged for at least 2-3 weeks.
• The account must have at least one transaction with a Turkish card (for example, buying a game to change the region).
• STEAM GUARD must be activated on your account for at least 2-3 weeks.

Please be aware that some transactions may take up to 72 hours to process. This happens very rarely.

Our recommendations do not guarantee 100% avoidance of sanctions from Steam, but we guarantee a minimal chance of receiving restrictions on your account if you comply with them. However, we are not responsible for any restrictions, such as blocking, banning the use of the trading platform, etc., that may occur on your account. Buy at your own risk. ⚠️🔒/delivery/attention
27.09.2023 23:26:35
все отлично
24.09.2023 12:54:36
быстро и качественно)
23.09.2023 22:55:50
Все отлично, спасибо!
23.09.2023 16:36:43
все хорошо
22.09.2023 20:12:13
Приобрёл я то, что пожелал. Огромное спасибо продавцу и то, что всё же есть такие люди, помогающие в данных ситуациях
22.09.2023 1:26:58
Отличный продавец. Занялся даже в позднее время суток. Заботиться о безопасности аккаунта. Объяснит все, что нужно.
21.09.2023 15:08:41
Все пришло. Отличный селлер, быстро отвечает, ответит на все вопросы
20.09.2023 16:28:12
всё супер рекомендую
18.09.2023 20:13:29
все пришло
18.09.2023 14:24:45
Хороший продавец, быстро и качественно

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