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Seller: Dionysian
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$300 the discount is 2%
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⚡ For commission free payment choose LAVA / ENOT.io as payment method ⚡

🔍To use the service, you will need (required)!!!:

🟢There should be no VAC bans in Team Fortress 2 / Counter Strike Global Offensive games!
🟢Steam account with an unlocked marketplace!
🟢Account currency must be USD $!
🟢Connected mobile authenticator (Steam Guard) for at least 7 days!
🟢Open Inventory
In case of non-compliance with all points, the fault lies with the buyer.

How to buy account top-up❓

🎉Write your trade link in the "Trade link" field, https://steamcommunity.com/my/tradeoffers/privacy#trade_offer_access_url - here you can find it
🎉Pay for the service in a convenient way for you
🎉Send the Unique code to the correspondence with the seller received after payment
🎉Follow the instructions in the correspondence in the order

🤔How is the replenishment process❓

🌟After specifying a unique code in the order chat, you will receive items for the paid amount to your Steam account (including Steam commission)
🌟After receiving the items, list them for sale on the Steam marketplace at the price that I will write in the exchange and correspondence with the seller in the order
🌟The sale will be instant, you will receive money on the balance immediately
🌟More detailed instructions will be in the correspondence after payment of the order. If you do not know how to do something, do not worry, we will help and close the deal in the near future

⏳ Delivery times ⏳

Order execution is usually carried out within 10 minutes, working hours from 11 to 22 Moscow time. If paying at other times, the order will be completed when I'm online.
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