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IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYMENT you will receive a Resident Evil 4 digital key for SERIES X|S CONSOLE🔑🔑Activation region: Turkey
To activate the key, you need a VPN with a connection to Turkey
After activation, the game WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS
The game is permanently associated with your Microsoft account
You will be able to download the game in any region and at any time, with all available languages
Languages: Russian (subtitles), English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, etcattentiondeliveryBonus content:
- Case Attache: "Golden"
- Talisman: "Pistol ammo".

Note. This product is also available as part of a kit. Please take care to avoid repeat purchases.

Survival is just the beginning.

Six years have passed since the biological disaster in Raccoon City.
Agent Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the incident, was sent to rescue the president´s kidnapped daughter.
He tracks her down to a secluded European village where something is wrong with the locals.
And the curtain rises on this story of daring salvation and debilitating horror, where life and death, horror and catharsis intersect.

With streamlined gameplay, a reimagined storyline and vividly detailed graphics,
Resident Evil 4 marks the rebirth of the industry giant./attention/delivery
Android phone activation instructions
The application on the iPhone may be paid

1. Download and open the Hola Free VPN Proxy app.
2. In the address bar go to or select a browser and download from Turkey
3. Log into your account, carefully enter your email address and account login.
4. Enter the key, activate and download the game on your XBOX SERIES XS CONSOLE.

Instructions for activating from a PC

1. Install the Hola Free VPN Proxy extension
2. Go to
3. Sign in to your account
4. Turn on Hola and choose to connect from Turkey
5. Enter the key, click next, confirm the activation
6. Download the game to your XBOX SERIES X|S/delivery
12.05.2023 18:04:10
Все отлично, уже качаю игру!
10.05.2023 10:59:01
Добрый день.
Покупка прошла без проблем, все замечательно.
Спасибо Андрею.
Всем рекомендую.
09.05.2023 9:13:57
Всё отлично
28.04.2023 22:02:27
Все быстро и качественно
27.04.2023 19:41:45
Код пришёл быстро, все быстро и качественно
22.04.2023 17:04:32
Всё хорошо, уже устанавливаю!
21.04.2023 12:52:26
09.04.2023 15:39:19
Спасибо, код получил мгноверно и в течении пару минут его активировал)
09.04.2023 7:51:04
Беру уже не первый раз, все отлично, ключ пришел моментально, без проблем активировался
07.04.2023 16:03:39
Спасибо все подошло

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