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Seller: Lidaki
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 1%
$10 the discount is 5%
$50 the discount is 15%

✅It is a SHARED STEAM account only used in offline mode!
✅INSTANT DELIVERY right after purchase!
✅24/7 Instant Delivery!
✅The product is delivered as a Steam account.
✅The product you buy is guaranteed for 10 Years.
✅Delivery type (ID - Password)
✅There is no activation or use of activators!
✅Easy to use instructions are sent after the order.
✅Accounts are personal and legally purchased by us!

What are the advantages of purchasing the product?
⚡You can buy the game at a 90% cheaper price than the store price.
⚡You download and play the game from the original platform.
⚡Does not require the use of any extra programs.
⚡You play the game offline in the original way at an affordable price!
– The product is only delivered with the Offline story mode active. You can download the game and start from scratch with your own saves.
– It is delivered as a “Steam” account. Its information does not change. It only works on 1 PC you have installed. For another PC, you need to purchase separately.
– This product is not suitable for playing on PlayKey / GeForce NOW platform. You can only use it on your personal computer.
– Product information is delivered immediately after purchase.
With this product, you do not run the risk of having any problems accessing your account.
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