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❗❗The cheapest ways are the first two, they have 💳 0% commission when paying by cards and SBP❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Battle Pass and Black Sector in STEAM sent as a GIFT🎁, to any region from 🌏KAZAKHSTAN, OR 🌏UKRAINE OR 🌏TURKEY, OR 🌏ARGENTINA OR 🌏RUSSIA or 🌏BELARUS go to your account IF YOU HAVE THESE I DO NOT need REGIONS, I also DO NOT need logins and passwords❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

❤️If it costs 🌏RUSSIA or 🌏BELARUS, then there is a cheaper option (near the payment button) = I LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT, change the region and give a gift❤️ (safe)

❗ only Kazakhstan/Ukraine/Türkiye with LOGIN to your account❗❓How does the whole process for STEAM❓✔️Pay for the goods
✔️For accounts with the region of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus - Choose either I go to your Steam account (you can use both data and QR), change the region and give a gift (cheaper), or add you as a friend (without entering your account) and send a gift (more expensive). You can choose a method near the payment button.
✔️For all other regions - I add you as a friend (without logging into your account) and send a gift❓How does the whole process for❓

❓Is this the Battle Pass and Black Sector for the new season?❓

❓Remaining questions❓delivery🔹 Most of them are answered below or you can ask me in the chat/delivery⭐Discounts for regular customers and their friends⭐/attentionattention❗❗❗ If you didn’t read the description or paid by accident or any return initiated through your fault, then the return comes with a 20% deduction of the amount, if suddenly the fault is on me, then the funds will not be withheld (i.e., get the full cost back) ❗❗❗/attention
21.09.2023 1:26:26
Быстро, оперативно, без проблем, советую!
17.09.2023 20:40:23
классный продавец спасибо ему большое рекомендую
17.09.2023 20:37:46
быстро и удобно.
уже не первый раз покупаю у него.
советую такого продавца всем кто размышляет о покупке.
30.08.2023 0:21:20
Спасибо большое продавцу, все отлично!
23.08.2023 15:18:31
Все,подсказал,как написал, проблем не было,все быстро и легко.+5 👍🏻.
20.08.2023 12:25:03
Все ГУД!!! Продавец оперативно сделал все)
Смело обращайтесь !
18.08.2023 21:37:29
все супер!
18.08.2023 21:09:10
Все прошло гладко
16.08.2023 23:50:50
Все отлично! Более чем доволен! Спасибо;)
16.08.2023 19:10:01
Спасибо за оперативность, быстро, качественно и доступно