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If you create a Family Group, you can connect up to eight Nintendo Accounts to the Nintendo Switch Online membership service!

What is a family group?
A family group allows you to combine up to eight accounts (including child accounts) into one family group.
The family group can then purchase a Nintendo Switch Online Family Subscription, which grants access to the online Nintendo Switch Online membership service to all Nintendo Accounts in that group.

Play online and get access to special offers during the twelve months of Nintendo Switch Online. This digital service allows you to save cloud data backups and access online multiplayer games and 20 NES games for the best of modern and classic games. This twelve-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to the Nintendo Switch app for an enhanced online gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members also get access a collection of SEGA Genesis™ games—like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Golden Axe—that are great to play anytime, anywhere!

This key is distributed by digital distribution. And does not have boxes and disks.

Nintendo Switch Online Individual/Family Membership (EU) Code Activation Instructions:
- Go to
- Sign in to your Nintendo Account
- Enter the 16-digit download code and click "Next"
- If prompted, re-enter your Nintendo Account password, then select Redeem to complete the process
- Nintendo will then confirm your ransom.
12.02.2024 17:08:46
05.07.2023 18:32:13
Быстро, качественно, надёжно)))
05.06.2023 17:58:34
11.05.2023 23:22:20
все гуд
20.04.2023 22:11:38
Всё круто, спасибо продавцу!!
11.02.2023 19:18:08
все отлично. я сначала затупил по смене региона. но продавец быстро все обьяснил
19.01.2023 21:28:58
Всё работает. Спасибо.
05.01.2023 23:32:02
Все ок!
04.01.2023 10:56:09
Все честно и быстр
04.01.2023 0:23:40
Все прошло успешно, спасибо!

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