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This material is used for electro-mechanical generation of electricity according to the ROTOVERTER formula for the participants of the Source project. The motor and generator are of an axial design or in the same housing, if radially, as well as of two Electromechanical machines with rigid shaft attachment in the joint. The system is based on the most straightforward Faraday law of electromagnetic induction and the principle of amplifying magnetic induction in the core. Everything to calculate this construction is in academic physics, and you know from school, if you don´t believe it, you can see for yourself. The project started with a device that wasn´t set up seriously to get something meaningful. The research and engineering creativity led to a solution, after which it became clear how these issues were resolved in the motor Dynamo of N. Tesla, the Motor generator of R. Alexander, possibly the motor of A. Stovbunenko and it is not excluded in the designs of F. Kanarev and others of a similar principle of action. Motor-Generator RAGEN. In THESE systems, there is no new or alternative physics, there are engineering solutions. The material contains all the mechanisms for calculating structures. How and why this technology was selected. We have opened this veil of mystery, which in fact was not, all in plain sight. Engineering creativity was necessary to get the result. The method allows you to calculate any power, depending on your capabilities technologically and materially. The material is now available to You, if you are not indifferent to your energy independence.
The material is complemented, an absolute solution for the right construction. You will be surprised. Technology is the most valuable thing in the modern world of electricity generation. Language Russian.
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