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After purchase you will receive steam wallet (balance) funds - russian rubles. We DON´T need your password or account access, only your account´s name.

Account name is a steam user login you use to sign-in steam client, NOT a profile name! There is no refund if you made a mistake in account name and such account exists!

1 - Steam account´s country - Russian Federation (you can find your country on Account details page)
2 - You must have at least 1 paid game in your steam library

Doesn´t work if your account´s country is not Russian Federation. This service will not change your account´s region to Russian Federation. Due to law and steam restrictions top-up will be made in different currency, Steam will convert funds to Russian rubles! Do NOT use this service to top-up Russian account WITHOUT games in library, there is no refund if you have any problems account without games or your account´s country was changed.

If you don´t receive rubles on your account:
1. Check your payment status, we will top-up right after payment confirmed
2. If you stuck on website - click on a blue button at the top of the page
3. If your order is in process status for a long time, please, contact seller
4. If your order status is delivered and rubles not available: restart steam, if restarting doesn´t help - contact seller

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20.01.2024 15:52:31
Была задержка с доставкой, но все решилось в переписке с продавцом
10.01.2024 16:38:27
Все приходит стабильно, но иногда с небольшой задержкой
04.01.2024 15:25:59
Всё пришло.
19.08.2023 0:33:58
Всё пришло за пару минут.
14.08.2023 14:14:31
27.07.2023 21:07:47
Транзакция сначала не проходила, висел статус Delivering, но после общения с продавцом все решилось в "пару секунд", могу рекомендовать.
20.07.2023 18:29:18
Товар получен
09.07.2023 13:11:38
Все отлично, как всегда. Доставка за 2 минуты.
08.06.2023 11:59:59
27.05.2023 14:58:57
1000 рублей, пришли, все ок!

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