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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
$500 the discount is 2%
$1000 the discount is 3%
$2000 the discount is 4%
$3000 the discount is 5%
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The guarantee of refill at your request, within 3 months.
The paid number of subscribers will be delivered to you in full, and with an additional bonus of 10-20%
At the end of the subscription, you will receive a report in the form of screenshots of your account (before and after).
The warranty period is indicated in parentheses next to the subscriber category name.
Guarantee fine-tune (restore subscribers) applies:
1) only on profiles that fully comply with the "Terms of service" described above;
2) only for subscribers ordered from us;
3) only on the paid number of subscribers (subscribers received as bonuses, gifts, errors, system failures, etc. the warranty does not apply).

If after the subscription within the warranty period on your Instagram profile there was a mass unsubscribe (write-off) of subscribers who came from us, then report it to the PM (in the chat of purchase). If Your claim is justified, then be sure to understand and solve Your problem.
All warranty issues are resolved only through appeal to the PM (in the chat of purchase). For leaving unsubstantiated negative feedback, we send the buyer to the blacklist without the slightest regret. And it´s a one-way road. Unlocking is not possible.

Due date:
Your order will be processed within 12 hours (usually faster). You will be notified of this.
On weekends and public holidays, delays of up to 72 hours are possible.
Start of subscription, depending on the selected category of subscribers, from a few hours to 2-3 days (Usually within 1 day).
Claims for delayed start are accepted not earlier than 3 days after the order. If within 3 days the subscription is not started, we will report it in a PM.

The speed of execution of the subscription:
From a few minutes to a few days. Depending on the selected category and the ordered number of subscribers.
21.02.2024 14:21:14
Надежный продавец, покупаю не первый раз
21.02.2024 14:20:49
Все на высшем уровне
21.02.2024 14:20:43
19.02.2024 23:58:27
Всё на высшем уровне
19.02.2024 23:58:13
Подписчиков доставили быстро, покупаю уже не в первый раз
19.02.2024 23:57:39
13.02.2024 12:40:04
Подписчики были доставлены быстро, всё как полагается
13.02.2024 12:38:30
13.02.2024 12:38:15
09.02.2024 1:25:29
Благодарю за оперативность и качество!

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