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After payment you will receive a unique 16-digit payment confirmation CODE.
Follow these steps to complete the deal:

Option A:
1) On the purchase page, under the "contact information" and "additional information" form, put a tick in the checkbox opposite "yes, I want to immediately send a unique code to the seller".
2) Click SAVE. (The code will be sent to the seller automatically).

Option B:
1) On the purchase page, copy the received unique code to the clipboard.
2) Scroll down the page and click the "CORRESPONDING WITH THE SELLER" button.
3) Paste the unique code from the clipboard into the message and click "SEND MESSAGE".🔥This instruction is obligatory for everyone!
Until you receive a CODE confirming the payment, no action will be taken on your application./attention
Service categories :1) Likes Best Quality
Start up to 10 min.
Speed ​​up to 30k per day.
No write-offs.
♻ Warranty and Recovery 30 days./attention
15.01.2024 2:35:01
Все класс
20.11.2023 4:05:05
thanks, it´s very fast service 🚀
20.11.2023 4:04:42
fast and excellent ❤️🚀
30.09.2023 21:35:53
Все отлично и быстро
30.09.2023 21:35:46
Все отлично и быстро
12.09.2023 15:23:05
Все доставлено в срок. Спасибо большое ВАМ и дальше буду сотрудничать.
21.08.2023 9:01:04
14.08.2023 6:55:01
Всем привет. Сделали быстро , но все просмотры из внешних источников. Но все ровно спасибо большое
30.07.2023 23:59:40
16.05.2023 3:15:57
спасибо большое! все хорошо

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