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Simple Strategies to improve relations.

How are your personal relationships? By themselves or influenced your decisions? What kind of relationship do you deserve? Have you ever wondered why men are so rarely read books about human relations?

This book explains in great detail, the check in our time a relationship die much more often than before, even though men and women are still attracted to each other. Perhaps nature is just playing with us: is the craving for a close, trusting relationship, but at the same time imposes rules because of which ideal relationship becomes impossible?

If desired, any intimate relationship can be improved. This book explains how to:

choose a really suitable partner;

to freely express their feelings;

be yourself, and not what you would like to see the other;

enjoy the differences between men and women, and not fight with them.

At the end add: in order to understand this book and use it in practice, you do not need familiarity with NLP.


Joseph O'Connor - author of the popular benefits of NLP, teacher and counselor. He has written a number of books on neuro-linguistic programming, including the famous "Introduction to NLP", which is published in fourteen languages.

Robin Pryor - teacher, writer, humorist and counselor. He has helped many people to find a suitable partner and to make their lives happier.