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6 MONTHS WARRANTY | INSTANT DELIVERY | If you have any questions - message us.ATTENTION - When you purchase Spotify Premium in our store, you receive a promotional code for the next purchase of this product 10%Spotify is one of the most popular services offering a legal opportunity to listen to online tracks from a huge music catalog. However, users love the service not only for this. The main advantage of Spotify is its music selection algorithms, which almost perfectly adapt to the tastes of listeners.
In addition, there are thematic playlists compiled by other users and the musicians themselves. These collections will be waiting for you every week, and the so-called Daily Mix is ​​available daily.PRODUCT INFORMATION

Supported countries:

We strongly recommend registering an account with a USA, Canada or Germany country in order to avoid possible activation problems.

Supported countries:

USA, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Costa, Cyprus, Czech Republic,
Germany, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, France, United States, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia,
Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Latvia, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal,
Sweden, Singapore, Slovakia, El Salvador, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Uruguay.F.A.Q - Quick Start Guide

A: How long does the activation of the account take?
B: The activation itself lasts a maximum of 1-2 minutes, in case of problems - let us know.

A: How does activation happen?
B: We will send you an activation link and you simply click on it and enter the data that we will give you

A: How long does Premium account last?
B: On behalf of the store you get a 6-month warranty, and if any problems arise, they will be quickly resolved.

A: Problems with my account (Premium disappeared) what should I do?
B: Just write to us and we will quickly solve everything with the most profitable solution for both parties./delivery/attentionattentiondeliveryF.A.Q. How to register and use Spotify in Russia and CIS countries where Spotify is not available?

How to register and use Spotify in Russia?
1) Go to https://spotify.com
2) Download any free VPN, this is necessary for registration in Spotify
3) We go into the VPN and connect to any country in the European Union or the United States.
4) After a successful connection, go to the Spotify website and click on Sign Up
Enter your data (mail, password, nickname, date of birth (18+), gender), click Sign Up
5) Then there is the opportunity to indicate your musical preferences, you can skip by clicking at the bottom of skip
6) That´s all, you are successfully registered in the best music service!
7) Spotify implies two modes of use - free (with built-in advertising, restrictions on listening to music, no offline mode) and paid./delivery/attentionattentiondeliveryBy the way, you can transfer your playlists / music to Spotify from other music streaming services using this site https://sou
09.07.2020 10:08:12
The seller turns within two days. Don´t worry if you can´t do the instructions; he will help you, good seller.
09.07.2020 7:04:04
Все хорошо.
07.07.2020 11:58:01
В начале была небольшая заминка, но продавец достаточно оперативно помог. Покупаю не первый раз, так что рекомендую :)
07.07.2020 8:29:10
"Your addresses didn’t match
Ask the person who invited you to double-check the address they entered. You’ll need to use that exact address to join Family."

5xacc stopped work
06.07.2020 18:02:04
Очень доволен покупкой. Пока что пользуюсь один день и нареканий нет. Уверен, что буду брать апгрейд ещё

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