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Library saderzhit AcaD element types (drawings) of various equipment (not size). Marine, construction, drilling, excavation, road and others.

Drawing: concrete pump, motor mixer trucks, bulldozers of different brands. The rig. Excavators, dredgers and attachments thereto, dragline, excavator bucket and bucket. Lifting equipment: crane, crawler crane, tower crane, Cranes, pipelaying, a large array of floating cranes, various loaders. Kopёr - svaezabivatel. Sea and river transport: barge, scow, gruntovoz, tug and rail car. Gidroperegruzhatel, dredger, scoop shell. Technique in different projections, with different kinds of attachments in different use cases. The files in the DWG format. All drawings can be easily edited in AutoCaDe. Take it, and paste it into your drawings!
The library is packed to the archive RaR. The volume of the archive is 5,1mB (for comfortable download chunked)

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