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The world economy is practical, part 2

Task 1.

In the commodity structure of Russian exports occupy third place equipment and vehicles, in 2003 they accounted for 7.0% of exports. In the commodity structure of world exports, their share is 39.7%. To determine whether this product group to the area of \u200b\u200bspecialization of Russia in the international trade.

Task 2.

Determine which countries listed in the table, cars make up area of \u200b\u200bspecialization in international trade if the share of this product in world trade is 5.3%.

The share of passenger cars in the export of certain countries,%

Task 3.

Price £ Rec., and the corresponding amount of demand for GBP given in the table:

Price GBP, USD. 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

The volume of demand, one million pounds. 220 210 200 180 170

Task 5.

Pick a pair: the definition of the concept of appropriate (eg 1h).

a) most favored;

b) the World Trade Organization;

c) the International Monetary Fund;

d) The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

d) import;

e) export;

f) Free trade;

h) protection;

and) an open economy;

a) the terms of trade;

l) the globalization of the market;

m) the globalization of production;

n) international specialization;

o) foreign direct investment;

n) a multinational company;

p) international business.

1. The establishment of barriers to free trade.

2. Goods and services purchased by residents of one country's citizens and businesses in other countries.

3. Distribution of goods and services in different parts of the global space to take advantage of the existence of national differences in the prices of factors of production and quality.

4. The ratio of export price index to the import price index.

5. International Association states formed after World War II and the existing to date for loans in foreign currency to countries with temporary balance of payments deficit for the implemented measures to support the exchange rate.

6. Any business activity that involves international trade or investment.

7. Investing resources in its production outside the country.

8. Spread on all foreign suppliers of a commodity benefits that these states providing or will provide one of them.

9. The production of goods or services in one country for the consumption of the other.

10. International Association of the State, based on: - the agreement on mutual provision of equal non-discriminatory trade regime, the reduction on the basis of multilateral agreements in tariffs and non-tariff restrictions.

11. The state trade policies oriented towards the development of specialization of the country and the maximum development of external trade relations, without any restrictions.

12. The goods and services that a country sells to citizens of other countries companies.

13. The national economic system that provides the freedom of foreign economic relations of the three key channels: trade in the country, the movement of capital and the mutual exchange of national currencies.

14. Any business activity that involves the production activity in two or more countries.

15. The international financial institutions, the aim of which is lending the most significant projects, contributing to the development of national economies.

16. The merger of the historically different and separated national markets into one huge global market

Task 6.

Analyze the Russian balance of payments data for 1996. (Annex to the textbook) (I have not found, took over in 1995 from page 26). Define:

A) the balance of goods and services;

B) investment income;

B) direct investments;

D) portfolio investments;

E) other investments;

E) the amount of cash in foreign and national currency;

F) trade credits and advances granted;

3) trade credits and advances borrowed.

Task 7.

There are 2 options of credit supply equipment to Russia.

1) The loan amount 600 million. Rub., The interest rate is 8 per cent per annum, the average loan term of 4.5 years.

2) The loan amount 600 million. Rub., The interest rate of 9 percent per annum, the average loan term of 5 years.

Determine the cost of credit for each of the options and which option is more favorable for the Russian side, provided that the market interest rate is 13% per annum.

Task 8.

In 2003, the share of mineral fuels in world trade was 10.3%, chemical products - 10.9%.

In the commodity structure of export of Russia the share of these sectors was 53 and 4.4%, respectively. Determine which of these industries is an area of \u200b\u200bspecialization Russian.

Task 9.

Calculate the net present value of the project, which requires to pay for it today, 1 million. USD., And which promises to bring 800 thousand. USD. For each of the next 2 years. Because of the risk of existing company requires 16% rate of return.

Task 10.

Crude oil accounts for 5.2% of world trade; Azerbaijan exports its share is 71.4%, UK - 5.5%, Saudi Arabia - 80%, Sudan - 3.9%, Qatar - 68%, Norway - 44.4%, Malaysia 3.4%, Australia - 5.3%, Libya - 80.3%. Which of the following countries specialize in the sale of crude oil?

Task 11.

The export of Russian raw timber accounts for only 1.5%. Nevertheless, we know that this product is the subject of the specialization of the Russian economy. Prove it, given that world trade, accounting for 0.12%.

The share of cars in the US export is 2.8%, and spare parts for them - 4.1%. Determine which of these products is subject to US expertise in international trade if the share of cars in the world trade is 5.3%, and spare parts - 2.5%. Explain why you think so.


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