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You are beginning to study the course "Criminal Procedure Law". All institutions of higher education legal profile, including the Moscow Institute of Economics, Management and Law, "Criminal Procedure Law" refers to the number of profiling disciplines. This course consists of 4 sections: Section 1 "General part. General Provisions ", section 2" Pre-trial proceedings ", section 3" Litigation "and Section 4" features production by certain categories of criminal cases. " Total thematic plan of the supposed 30. The course is taught over two semesters, each semester contains 15 themes.

By studying this discipline, you should know that the science of criminal procedure is currently undergoing a period of active renewal. With the adoption of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the criminal proceedings, many institutions have undergone significant changes and have received a significant development.

Currently, the Criminal Procedure Law still make changes and additions. This explains the need for a theoretical rethinking and clarifying certain scientific views, explore new concepts and ideas.

Therefore, you should closely monitor the changes in the legislation, referring to such sources as the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "State and Law", "Law", "Russian justice". It should also pay attention to the journal "Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation." Put it in the judgment of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation aimed at the uniform and correct application of the law by all law enforcement agencies to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, which, undoubtedly, will help in a more in-depth study of this discipline (available on the Internet sites of the relevant publications).
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