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Lectures on the history of state and law of foreign countries structurally covers two periods: the third - the story of the new state and the right time and the fourth - the history of the state and law of modern times.

The last period does not contain any clear chronological internal borders because modern law, in contrast to states to develop more smoothly, evolutionary, so it mostly affects the deepest layers of human relationships and to a lesser extent facing the effects of the socio-political upheavals and cataclysms. Lectures developed based on the latest legal and historical thought.

In presenting the material in modern and contemporary history have been some difficulties in view of a time-scale changes, because development processes are not always received the full completion, and it is difficult to judge them quite clearly. Because of this, often have to be content with only the release of the most striking events and trends of movement, or simply to present the facts in their chronological order.

Lectures prepared for the students and professors of universities and law faculties.
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