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In today's economy, Russia has always been a highly significant economic system micro - enterprises. They are the basis, which forms the basis of GDP, there is an accumulation of profit as the main financial source of business expansion.

Competent and skillful financial management in market conditions is impossible without the understanding of many processes, but are particularly important knowledge about the formation of costs and revenues, capital structure, the distribution of the generated resources, investment, etc. In addition, the modern man, manage business processes, and knowledge needed about how to integrate financial management into the overall control system, and the relation between the different areas of enterprise management.

Today it is obvious that the issues of effective management of financial resources is the prerogative and fundamental in building a competitive economy in Russia. That is why the "Financial Management" is included in the training of specialists in the economic areas.

The course is taught at the Moscow Institute of Economics, Management and Law and prepared by the author using a functional approach to the disclosure of the contents of financial management. We proceeded from the fact that the financial management- is a special management area, which includes asset management, cost and capital structure, cash flows, risk management, investment projects, financial management of the crisis. This disclosure of the contents of these areas in the financial management of the organization and is dedicated to the course.
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