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Distance course on discipline "Finance, money circulation and credit" reflects the content and basic methodological approaches to the study of the same name of the course, students learn the Faculty of Economics in the specialty 060400 "Finance and credit" of the various forms of education. The course is based on state educational standards specialty 060400, recommendations Ministry of Education, as well as the achievements of the modern theory and practice of economic science in finance.

"Finance, money circulation and credit" is one of the most important disciplines in the training of students on a specialty "Finance and credit". The course allows students of economics to study theoretical questions of essence and functions of finance, money, credit, and their role in market economy; development trends, cash flow management, cash handling, the lending process; country's financial system and mechanisms of its management; place and role of the Russian Central Bank and commercial banks in the banking system of the Russian Federation; organization of financial control in the Russian Federation, as well as practical skills to generate solutions to the many problems of financial and investment organizations.

To effectively the Learning advisable to follow all instructions of the tutor provided by the course. Particular attention should be given to self-test, which are provided after each topic. This course provides a sufficiently large number of practical situations in the form of tasks or situations. With their decision, it is important to scrutinize the guidelines to address.

Particular attention should be paid to independent work. In the most general form it is as follows:

elaboration of materials by filling them with a material obtained by reading the recommended literature for each topic;

reading the recommended educational literature;

search and elaboration of the periodical materials;

search and elaboration of materials from Internet resources;

performance of tasks;

test preparation.

As a result of this course, each student will be able to familiarize themselves with the fundamental provisions of the financial management, learn to solve practical problems in the area of \u200b\u200bfinancial relations and make them the basis for management decisions.
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