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$1 the discount is 1%
$500 the discount is 2%
$1000 the discount is 5%
$100000 the discount is 10%

We work with the opening of the App Store in 2008. We are trusted by thousands of customers in Russia and Ukraine.

You buy a card code iTunes Gift Card $ 100 (or two codes at $ 50) to replenish the account of US iTunes App Store.

Are selling iTunes Gift Cards in the CIS market for 4 years. Hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers. If u need bulk - contact me.

You get the code card immediately after the payment (it will appear on the screen). In addition, a link to your product buet mailed to you E-Mail.

Having bought a card and fill up your iTunes account US you can make purchases in the App Store, iTunes Store and Mac App Store: programs and games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac, movies, music.

Why buy from us:

All cards are 100% Verified working

Warranty from Apple Store

Online Technical Support

Excellent discounts for regular customers

= To English Speaking Customers =

Hi there! :)

Here you can buy - iTunes Gift Card 100 $ USA.

I would advice you paying with Webmoney because you will get all very high discounts and can buy cheap codes from me even for resell. How to register and use Webmoney you can see here http: www.wmtransfer.com

Photos will be delivered to you immediately after payment is done via Email, and you can also download it in your browser window.

Here you can only buy 1 by 1 codes, can´t buy bulk in Plati.ru

Id u have any questions or want bulk amount discount - feel free to contact me.
How to enter the card is described here:


How to create an account described here:


If you have any questions - write, reply promptly.

Other denominations:

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 10 https://skadnet.ru/item/1322675

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 15 https://skadnet.ru/item/1305875

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 20 https://skadnet.ru/item/1669605

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 25 https://skadnet.ru/item/1231641

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 30 https://skadnet.ru/item/1325467

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 45 https://skadnet.ru/item/1327410

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 50 https://skadnet.ru/item/1273781

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 100 https://skadnet.ru/item/1309467

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 200 https://skadnet.ru/item/1768804

Official Map iTunes Gift Card $ 500 https://skadnet.ru/item/1865867

We also have an iTunes Gift Cards Russia:

Official Map iTunes Gift Card Russia 500 p. https://skadnet.ru/item/1426014

Official Map iTunes Gift Card Russia 1500 r. https://skadnet.ru/item/1431371

Official Map iTunes Gift Card Russia 3000 p. https://skadnet.ru/item/1429257

Even Japan:

Japan iTunes Gift Card (Japan) ? 10,000 JPY https://skadnet.ru/item/1859416

And, you can buy Xbox Live USA:

Xbox Live Gift Card USA $ 15 (live pics) + DISCOUNTS https://skadnet.ru/item/1863612

Xbox Live Gift Card USA $ 25 (live pics) + DISCOUNTS https://skadnet.ru/item/1863624

Xbox Live Gift Card USA $ 50 (live pics) + DISCOUNTS https://skadnet.ru/item/1863626

Playstation Network Card with discount for regular customers:

https://skadnet.ru/item/1871556 Playstation Network Gift Card USA $ 10

https://skadnet.ru/item/1881322 Playstation Network Gift Card USA $ 20

https://skadnet.ru/item/1881353 Playstation Network Gift Card USA $ 50

https://skadnet.ru/item/1878392 Playstation Network Gift Card USA $ 100

https://skadnet.ru/item/1874604 90-days Playstation Plus Membership USA

Gift Cards Google Play:

https://skadnet.ru/item/1858737 Google Play 10 $ USA
https://skadnet.ru/item/1881506 Google Play 15 $ USA
https://skadnet.ru/item/1865437 Google Play 25 $ USA
https://skadnet.ru/item/1892146 Google Play 50 $ USA
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